Combining musicians from several local Adelaide bands, Inwoods is the product of four guys with a passion for slow, heavy groove based jams and emotive chord progressions. Formed by ex-The Fak vocalist, Tyson Mahoney recruited old long-time friend Kif Kelly (of the thekillbotfactory) and Jared Hunter (former Trinity Road drummer) to jam and flesh out his skeletal ideas and blue prints for songs. It didn't take long and their sound started to define itself in a particularly sludgey and grungey stoner rock mood that began gaining people's attention.

After gigging for a few months and feeling the need for a second guitarist, the trio brought in Jordan Buck (The Dead Bells, Monsuier Swing, Ride Into The Sun) who was an instant match with tone and playing style, strengthening their sound and giving another influence and creative mind to the mix. At that point Inwoods became part of the Twisted Echidna Bookings family and with their heavy, mind numbing riffs, catchy leads, low fuzzy bass, melodic vocals and shitty drummer, the band garnered some hype as a loud and powerful live act.

In November 2013 they decided to lay down some tracks with Nick from Southern Music at Riverside Rehearsals. Recorded live originally intended as demos before an album release, the quality of which turned out to be of such a standard that the band are releasing it as their first available release for purchase. Inwoods are now looking to release these recordings as the EP titled ‘Slow Season’ in the first quarter of 2014.

Taking influence from a wide range of genres, Inwoods combines the heaviness of doom and stoner with the mindset of bands from the grunge, post rock and early heavy metal eras to produce a sound that's familiar yet totally new.